In designing these monitors, the priority was to achieve the full performance and capabilities required by broadcast professionals. These include:
No compromises in core features like color fidelity, resolution, precise imaging, and picture quality
Completeness, fits into most of today’s environments without additional options needed
Future proof platform design which allows adaptation to emerging technologies and upcoming standards
Fast and easy setup and operation, even in stressful life applications
The HDQLINE series of multi-standard UHD Monitors are ideally suited for critical high-end applications – wherever the brilliance and sharpness of ultra-high resolution images together with usability and future proofness are required.




- 24/7 operation, optimized for long life, fanless, no noise
- Powerful processing engine

Future Proof

- Platform design, open for upcoming requirements and standards

System Integration

- Wide range of control protocols (Image Video, TSL, Ember+)


- IMD/UMD, Tally, ViTC, WSS, Markers, Borders

Flexibility: Input and Output

- Input: 4x 3G SDI, 2x SDI, 2x HDMI, DP
- Output 3G SDI
- Input: 2x 12G SDI, 2x 10GigE SMPTE 2022-5/6 Video-over-IP
- Input/Output: 4x 3G SDI (SFP modules), 2 x 3G SDI
- GigE

Fast Setup and Control

- Remote and local keyboard
- Auto calibration
- Display Control Suite, DCS+

Display Panel Performance

-10-bit UHD Panels qualified by sonoVTS
- Wide viewing angle

Perfect Color Reproduction

- Accuracy and Consistency
- 3D LUT

High Quality Alignment Procedure

- Unique automatic color alignment, MATCH+, adapted for UHD

All HDQLINE display features (list not complete):

3840x2160 panel resolution, 16 Bit signal processing, 4x 3G SDI, 2x 3G SDI, 2x HDMI, DP inputs, IMD (In Monitor Display), OSD (On Screen Display, Quad-View, picture modes like A/B split, programmable alarms, protocols like Ember+.

Accepted signal formats amongst others are:

3840x2160(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24p), 1920x1080(60/59.94/50/48p), 1920x1080(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24I), 1920x1080(30/29.97/25/24/23.98PsF).

The list of options includes:

Powerful configuration and management software DCS+, high quality automatic color management MATCH+, waveform monitor (WFM), I/O expansion module including SMPTE 2022-5/6 interface, TICO support etc.

Tally and Remote Control

HDQLINE Displays integrate easily with existing Tally systems and con- trollers. Dynamic and Static UMD / Tally support is provided via Ethernet network protocols (sonoVTS IMD / TALLY protocol / Image Video / TSL / Ember+) or up to 8 GPI contact closures, each GPI is individual configurable. In addition, an optional hardware control panel is available.

Tally and Remote Control

HDQLINE monitors can display a variety of additional information needed by professionals. This includes up to 16 Channel Audio Level Meters (AES / EBU / BBC / Nordic scales), static and dynamic UMD, Timecode (VITC) display, TV Standard display, two independent timers, clocks (Locked to external NTP), a WSS indicator and a Dolby Signal Indicator. Furthermore, various markers can be used, e.g. for aspect ratio, safe area and center. In addition to norm settings according to SMPTE and EBU specifications, each marker can be set manually. What’s more, users can also choose to display two safe area markers at the same time.


Universal I/O Expansion Module

This plugin board adds multiple IN- and OUTPUTS to the HDQLINE display platform and therefore increases the flexibility, the number of possible applications for this new family of professional monitors. Among them are 2x 10GigE SMPTE 2022 Video-over-IP (up to 4 channels each) interfaces and 2x 12G SDI single link UHD interfaces.

The list of options includes:

- 2 independent 10GigE SMPTE 2022-5/6 Video-over-IP interfaces
- 2 x 2 x 3G SDI input / output
- 2 x 12G SDI input
- 2 x 3G SDI input / output
- 1 GigE

- 2 x Fiber (SFP modules)
- 2 x Dual Coax / Fiber (SFP modules)
- 2 x HD BNC
- 2 x HD BNC
- RJ 45, LAN Stream, Monitoring

TICO Decoder License (requires Universal I/O Expansion module)

Allows receiving of UHD pictures over a single 3G SDI channel. Key features are: visually lossless up to a compression ratio of 4:1, very short latency in the range of a few microseconds.

VC2 Decoder License (requires Universal I/O Expansion module)

Allows receiving of UHD content over a single 3G SDI channel.

The list of options includes:

DCS+ is the graphical orientated, intuitive and user-friendly tool to control all parameters on individual monitors as well as pre-defined groups of monitors in a larger system or OB van. A complex monitor wall can easily be created by drag and drop monitor icons into your layout, either online (real time) or offline. DCS+ gives a perfect overview of the settings of each monitor.

Automatic Color Adjustment Match+ License

True and stable color reproduction under various conditions is essential for many applications. The newly developed Match+ plugin for DCS+ – based on the experience of the renowned Color Calibration tools of hd2Line and QLine series, Match+ is the ultimate tool for automatic color space adjustment. Supports many professional spectro radiometer measurement kits like Minolta CS200, CS2000, Klein K-10 or Jeti specbos 1201, etc.

WFM License

Allows Waveform or Vectorscope type monitoring of the selected video input.

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